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Eyes & Brows


Eye lash tint                                                                       £16.00

Eyebrow tint                                                                      £11.00

Lash & brow tint                                                                £20.00

LVL (Length, volume, lift)

Gives your lashes the extra lift from the root to open the eyes, lasts up to 8 weeks.                                                £40.00

LVL ~ with lash tint                                                          £45.00


Give your eyes the extra sparkle by adding extra length, volume and glamour for that special occasion or just treat yourself.

Eye lash extensions (individual lashes)                            £60.00

Eyelash infills (recommended every 2 weeks)                   £30.00

Express lashes (individual or cluster)                                £35.00

Strip Lashes                                                                                  £15.00

Brow lamination

The ultimate solution for brows that do not have symmetry where the hair follow a different pattern or are sticking out. This treatment will realign your brows giving them the desired fuller look.                                                                           £35.00

Brow lamination with tint                                                 £40.00

Eyelash Implants
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