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Korean Nono-blading

What is Nano- blading?

Nano-balding is known as eyebrow embroidery and 3D brows. This Korean Nano-blading is done by using Nano needles which are fused together. It is a semi-permanent makeup (SPMU) procedure to enhance ones eyebrows. This treatment is performed manually by using an individual sterile sealed implement. This deposits the pigments (different pigments  to match clients original brow colour) superficially on the skin and the implement glides over the skin which causes a fine paper like cut ensuring a very natural effect creating the individual look desired by the client blending in with the natural hair. This technique is a unique process which will leave you with natural looking individual strokes to the brow tailored to the client’s requirement.

For those who are wanting more coverage,  dense and bold brows rather than the natural more individual hair strokes, then the powered or ombre look may be more suitable. This can be achieved with combination of both methods or just on its own.  Powdered brows have a soft makeup look and are great for clients with oily, open pores or mature skin.

Why is nano-blading popular?

  • Covers sparse brows

  • Extends the brows

  • For those who desire brow definition and density

  • Covers up scars

  • Saving time on makeup application

  • Full reconstruction if brows have little or no hair

  • Chemotherapy patients

  • Baldness

This treatment although semi-permanent, can last between 12-24 month if proper aftercare instructions are maintained and depending on clients skin. However most clients will return sooner within 6-12 months to keep that defined brow look however it is recommended once a year to retain the shape and freshen the colour.

This can depend on different factors such as sun exposure, clients skin type, chemicals contained in beauty products which could fade and break down the pigment sooner etc.

The first top up after healing between 4-6 week is highly recommended for those who are wanting to go darker/fuller but some clients may not avail this if they are satisfied with the result. 



This is a 3 stage process

1.   Full consultation including eyebrow tidy and patch test. Clients MUST adhere to the pre-procedure routine and CARE instructions given. A non-refundable deposit is required to book this consultation which will be deducted from treatment cost.   Treatment appointment is then booked and full payment paid. (consultation time is up to an hour)


2.   3-4 days later is treatment procedure and after care instructions and ointment is given. Top up is recommended but not essential as some clients may choose not to.  Top up appointment is booked and paid in advance.  

 (treatment time is 2.5 -3 hours)

3.   4-6 weeks later for top up and to perfect shape if required. (treatment time is 1.5 hours)


After the procedure, it is vital that clients must adhere to the aftercare routine.

Consultation (deductible from treatment cost)                 

Microblading/Powdered/Ombre (treatment only)            

Full treatment - including initial top up at 4-6 weeks      

Microblading combination                                                     

Full treatment - including initial top up at 4-6 weeks 


Top up/colour boost at 6 -12 months                                   

Top up/colour boost at 12 -18 months                                 

18 month plus is full treatment cost                          








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