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Polish only                                                                         £8.00

French Polish only                                                            £10.00

Express Manicure cuticle work, file & polish.                 £15.00

Deluxe Manicure

Cuticle work and nail shape, exfoliation, aromatherapy soak, lower arm & hand massage.                                             £24.00

Deluxe Treatment Manicure

Incorporates a deluxe manicure with the added luxury of relaxing paraffin wax treatment                                        £35.00




Polish only                                                                               £8.00


French polish                                                                          £10.00


Express Pedicure

Cuticle work, file & polish                                                    £17.00


Deluxe Pedicure

Cuticle work and nail shape, aromatherapy foot soak in foot spa, exfoliation and removal of dry skin and calluses, lower leg & foot massage.                                                                        £30.00


Deluxe treatment pedicure

Incorporating a deluxe pedicure with the added luxury of a relaxing paraffin wax treatment.                                          £40.00


Foot Peel

Specialised treatment for the hard to remove dry/hard/flaky skin and calluses. Leaving baby soft feet.                                    £33.00

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