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Holistic Therapy


A stimulating and relaxing massage to relieve the tensions of daily life, improve blood circulation and help eliminate waste products.  This may also aid weight loss and improve skin tone.

Full body  - £40.00

Back, neck and shoulders - £28.00


A relaxing massage using essential oils to suit your personal needs (via a  full consultation)  such as stress, cellulite, headaches etc. (please bring small plastic bottle for treatment oil for home use)

Full body massage and consultation - £43.00

Back, neck and shoulders - £32.00


Body Exfoliation

Removal of dry skin (via massage), leaving it silky smooth. A necessity prior to going on holiday to gain a healthy tan.                            £48.00


A treatment of the feet involving massage & manipulation, to promote health and well being.

½ hour - £28.00

45 mins - £38.00


Shiatsu/Indian Head Massage

A stimulating face, head, neck, upper back & shoulders massage to relieve pain, tension, stress, tiredness, headaches & many more.

½ hour - £28.00

45 mins - £38.00


Hopi Candles 

These ear candles induce a revitalising heat upon the head and ears, which soothes, relieves and relaxes.may help with a widerange of disorders in ears and/or sinuses and have a relaxing calming effect for stress disorders.



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